A Little Bit About Me

I suppose every writer, poet, artist and fragrance diva wants to consider herself somewhat offbeat. Of course, as the old adage warns us, “Just because nobody understands you, doesn’t mean you’re an artist.” So who am I? Well, I am a writer, a poet, an artist and a fragrance diva with a past and a family and life experiences that make me unique if not particularly special. I love a lot, I get angry sometimes, and like the rest of you, I want my voice to be heard.

Recently, after losing a few jobs and having been unsuccessful in finding permanent employment, I decided to try writing for a living. Since I hold a degree in English from Olivet Nazarene University, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about or even tried becoming a full-time writer. It is, however, the first time I got serious enough to do it with some success. In the past, I stuck to poetry and a little fiction, some of which has been published, none of which made me any money. This time, I’ve hit the internet with determination to make a living, and a foray into non-fiction writing found me making a few hundred dollars a month throughout most of 2012. It’s no cash cow yet, but things are improving.

This past month I began reconnecting with local authors in the Kansas City area. A workshop on the business of writing pumped new life into my ambitions in a way that only in-person connections can, and now I have a little more motivation to increase my online presence as well. So here I am at WordPress, developing a blog. Stay tuned. The future looks bright.

Comments, compliments and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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