Interacting with Other Bloggers

Most of my followers know that I’ve only been active here at WordPress for about six weeks. My blogging prior to that, both here and elsewhere, has been spotty at best. Frankly, since I write web content for a living, I haven’t always allowed myself the luxury of indulging in creative writing pursuits. Either I’m too tired after writing blurbs for dentists, chiropractors, plumbers and fashion designers, or I’m too focused on paying projects.

All this changed significantly when I was laid up for over a month with mono just after this past holiday season. When my brain wasn’t sharp enough to reliably produce web content for picky clients, I had time to create some short fiction and a small collection of poetry. Many positive things have resulted from the change in focus this downtime brought about. Now that I’m back in my home office, cranking out orders for paying clients, I’m also taking the time to work on creative pieces.

In establishing my blog here, I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time about engaging other bloggers and growing my audience. Today, I published an article on the finer points of participating in a blogging community. Click here to learn more.

Comments, compliments and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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