Who Needs a Sixth Sense?

By Gunnshots (Don) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By Gunnshots (Don) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

John steps into Steve’s cubicle one Wednesday morning. “Listen,” he says, motioning for Steve to be quiet. Steve tunes in to Sandi’s voice coming from a nearby workstation.


“. . . you won’t believe it. She told me all about my ex. Even mentioned that he was going to try to get the kids back–without me saying a word about it. Then she said I shouldn’t go out with Marvin, you know, the guy I met online a couple weeks back. I don’t know about that, but she was right about the other stuff, you know? And then she said I should keep working here, and that something good was about to happen for me financially.”


John and Steve share a knowing look as their coworker yammers on about her new psychic. “I think we can have a little fun over lunch.” John winks at Steve, then returns to his own desk.


Later, in the cafeteria, John and Steve motion for Sandi to join them at a table.




That afternoon, the manager of adjustments summons Steve into her office.


“Sandi tells me you have quite an intuition,” Suzanne says as she motions for Steve to take a seat in front of her desk.


Steve’s pale face turns crimson, and he starts to stammer. “I, uh . . . We . . .”


A smile plays across Suzanne’s face, and Steve begins to relax. “I think that intuition of yours will take you far,” she says, shaking her head and chuckling lightly. “You’re being considered for a position as one of the bank’s detectives. I’m guessing your antics today had less to do with this than your excellent work record and your previous experience at Chase Manhattan. I’ll need you to submit an official job application, including an updated résumé.”


“Of course.” Steve nods, smiling back at his boss.



Three months later, Steve meets John for lunch.


“How’s the new job?”


“Great. Pay’s not bad either. It’s nice to see the bank bouncing back after the recession.”


“No kidding. The profit sharing check last week was the fattest I’ve seen in a few years.”


The two pause in conversation as their food arrives.


“By the way, Sandi’s more convinced than ever that you’re a psychic.”


“Really? She’s still on that? I thought she’d figure me out when she realized the date I gave her for the coming windfall was the date that everyone received the profit shares.”


“Well, it didn’t hurt that you were offered the detective job the same day as you gave her those predictions. Besides, I don’t think she’s as impressed about that as she is about your prediction concerning the man whose name starts with a ‘D’.”


Steve furrows his brow in thought, then laughs. “Oh, you mean Dave? That backward security guard finally got up the courage to ask her out?”


John grins. “He might have heard a rumor that she was expecting him to.”


Steve laughs again. “You son of a gun!”


“By the way, how did you know he wanted to ask her out?”


“Seriously? Have you seen the way he acts around her?”


John nods. Steve always had been better at observation than he was.


“It’s like I always say, John. You don’t need a sixth sense if you know how to use the five you have.”


2 thoughts on “Who Needs a Sixth Sense?

  1. LIked the story. But would venture to add that we gain expertise in the area of the sixth sense when we have exhausted the possibilities of the other five. Have we not had personal experiences which defied probability and pointed to the existence of intuition? We call it that since we are unable to explain how it works. Could that not be termed as our sixth sense?


    • storydivamg says:

      Although I don’t believe Steve or John would agree with you, I personally agree 100%. 🙂 I’ve had too many experiences with intuition that can’t be explained away to be as jaded as my intelligent pranksters here in this story.

      Thanks for stopping here to read and comment.

      All my best,
      Marie Gail

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