Copyright Renee Heath

Copyright Renee Heath


I’m an entire week late for this Friday Fictioneers entry, but the muse finally spoke.

Every week, about 100 bloggers join Rochelle Fields in the challenge to respond to a photo prompt with a 100-word story. This particular story, since its a week late, is also slightly over the word count at 111.



When Father placed Brunhilde’s gingerbread houses on display in the bakery, customers admired the ornate confections. One day, a woman came to the bakery with her small son. When the woman’s back was turned, her son plucked two pfeffernüsse off the roof of Brunhilde’s latest gingerbread house and stuffed them in his mouth.

Brunhilde flew into a rage. She never again created gingerbread houses for display in the bakery. She became a recluse, moving deep into the woods. Away from greedy fingers, she built her home of gingerbread and pfeffernüsse, held together and adorned by icing. Years later, her solitude was disrupted by the children you know as Hansel and Gretel.

4 thoughts on “Pfeffernüsse

  1. Dear Marie Gail,

    See? There are two sides to every story, aren’t there? Love it!



  2. It all makes sense now! I always wondered why that witch was motivated to create and entire house of edible goodies! Intriguing backstory!

    • storydivamg says:

      Thanks so much, Adelie! It took a while for me to put this story together because I was stuck on Rapunzel, but as soon as I switched to frosting and gingerbread, the tale came together. I love composing “the rest of the story” using tales we already know.

      All my best,
      Marie Gail

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