I’m only one day late in posting my response to the Friday Fictioneers prompt for May 16.

The challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo prompt.

Play along by writing your own, reading others and/or commenting on the flashes we fictioneers create.

My piece weighs in this week at 96 words.

Copyright Sandra Cook

Copyright Sandra Cook



The hired car slowed to make passage for several dozen sheep dawdling across the road.

“What are we doing way out here?”

“You’ll see.”

“There’s nothing to see but sheep and a couple farmhouses.”

“See that old manse on the hill?”

Leigh nodded.

“The owner never comes out before sunset. Every three months or so he throws a week-long party. Afterwards, local sheep farms always report missing livestock. A few bodies are found—usually drained dry of blood.”

“So, the owner’s our mark?”

“No. He’s the bait. We’ll stake out the guests at this month’s party.”

14 thoughts on “Bellwether

  1. Dear Marie Gail,

    By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes. I wasn’t expecting that ending.

    On a grammatical-didn’t-backspace-all-the-way note “he has throws a week-long…”

    Aside from that a rather intriguing end.



    • storydivamg says:

      Thanks, Rochelle. I’m thrilled to have sneaked my ending in there without you noticing. And thanks for pointing out my typo too. I shall correct it forthwith.

      Marie Gail

  2. It's|Matthew|Burgos says:

    I could feel the mystery revolving around this one. Nice work!

    – Matthew

  3. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Marie Gail, Very good story and creepy but entertaining too! I love it! Great job! Nan 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Great story, I think the predators are going to make one huge killing here.

  5. Ah.. the wicked takes on the wicked.. nice surprise at the end.

  6. storydivamg says:

    Thanks, Bjorn. I’m enjoying vampire lore so much more than I ever thought possible.

    Marie Gail

  7. Don’t invite me to this party – creepiness abounds. Well done!

    • storydivamg says:

      If you do accept an invitation, Alicia, make sure you bring a sharp stake and your choice of holy object to carry into battle.

      Thanks for reading!

      All my best,
      Marie Gail

  8. Marie Gail, Good vampire story. O_o That ending was a real twist. Very well done. Those villagers seem a bit gullible as are all victims in horror stories. You wouldn’t find me anywhere near that party if there’d been dead bodies connected with it other years.:) —Susan

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