As Beauty Does

When Rochelle announced this week’s extension of last week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt in order to get more participation, I couldn’t resist writing another story in response to Bjorn’s lovely photo. This takes a significantly different slant on the picture, and I think the exercise of writing two different stories from two different genres based on the same photo prompt is an exercise every writer should attempt now and then. It’s good for the creative muscles.

In case you have not yet discovered the fun, the distraction, yea, the addiction that is Friday Fictioneers, pop on over to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ site and read all about it. Then play along with us by reading, commenting and even writing your own response.

Copyright Bjorn Rudberg

Copyright Bjorn Rudberg

As Beauty Does

Before the Dissonance, Sondra’s mother often talked about the audacity of little yellow flowers. “Better a shrinking violet than an unsightly dandelion,” she would say, chiding her daughters over behavior she considered unladylike.

Sondra always held an appreciation for little yellow flowers. They were, after all, her favorite color, and many of them were also edible—including Mother’s scorned dandelions. Sondra appreciated their tenacity in the years when vain homeowners prided themselves on removing the “unsightly” plants from their yards.

When food grew scarce, Sondra silently applauded herself on never having uprooted a dandelion. Greens had seldom tasted so good.

20 thoughts on “As Beauty Does

  1. Margaret says:

    Beauty, like usefulness, is relative. I love your character, and the idea of ‘the Dissonance’. Your sentences flow so smoothly – it’s difficult to edit to the word limit and still keep the integrity of each phrase and sentence. I struggle with this. Good for you doing two stories – I did the same. Holidays give me more time to write, not less, and I’m loving it.

    • storydivamg says:

      Dear Margaret,
      Thanks so much for the kind words. The Dissonance is a future event that has been referred to in a few of my “future” stories here on this blog. As of yet, I haven’t fleshed out what actually happened in The Dissonance, but characters in the various post-apocalyptic flashes I write live at some point in the future on the other side of that catastrophe.

      As to time over the holidays, I’ve had significantly less of it this year, but writing short stories helps to keep me sane in the middle of the hurried rush.

      Happy New Year!

      All my best,
      Marie Gail

  2. draliman says:

    Ha, who’s laughing now? Better useful than pretty, especially in the world you describe.

  3. Sandra says:

    Well, there should be no shortage of greens the way my dandelions proliferate. A nice thought provoking tale.

    • storydivamg says:

      You made me smile, Sandra. Actually, I considered writing a scene in which our heroine blows the dandelion seeds into a manicured lawn to the chagrin of her mother and the homeowner, but I ran out of words. I remember my dad chiding my nieces for that behavior in years past and always thought it strange. Why not let the wildflowers grow, especially the edible ones? Dandelions are far less dangerous than those little white flowers we call “vine weed.”

      Happy New Year, Sandra! May it be filled with the most beautiful wild flowers of your choice.

      All my best,
      Marie Gail

  4. liz young says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and hunger sharpens the appreciation. Well done.

  5. Dear Marie Gail,

    She who laughs last, eats best. I truly enjoyed this story. Evocative and well done.



    • storydivamg says:

      So true, Rochelle. Thanks for reading and commenting. And also for putting up with my “double dipping.” One of these days, just for fun, I’m going to try taking a single FF prompt and writing a different story from it for each day of the week. (Don’t worry, I won’t clog up the LinkUp with them all, but it will be a fun exercise to get my creative juices flowing.)

      Happy New Year, my friend!

      Marie Gail

  6. I thought of writing about the little yellow flowers in this picture and am glad I didn’t. I love the future-fell of this and the idea of using the unwanted. A great “second” story. Happy New Year!.

  7. Beauty is often refined by necessity.
    Great work

    • storydivamg says:

      Thanks so much, Ruby. I think there may well come a day when we all learn to appreciate the things in nature that we have discredited in the past. Let’s just hope it isn’t too late.

      All my best,
      Marie Gail

  8. I’m finally catching up, after a miserable flu, and what a wonderful story to find this week, Marie Gail. Admittedly, I didn’t read the first as I came directly to your site and found this one. 😉 I love Sondra’s take on the world. I too love the tenacity of dandelions. They so often make the yard look so festive and happy. My husband is quick to want to remove them, but I would be happy to see them spread. Wonderful story and Happy New Year!

    • storydivamg says:

      Happy New Year, Dawn. I do hope the rest of the year is much healthier for you than the first few days have been.

      So glad you enjoyed this one. :Perhaps we should form a coalition to save dandelions before the bottom falls out. That way more of us will know how to prepare them when we need them for food. Besides, they are rather pretty, and I hear you can hold one under your chin to learn whether or not you like butter.

      All my best,
      Marie Gail

  9. elmowrites says:

    I like it when a story makes me think, as in this one where yuor character loks at something as simple as the humble dandelion in a new and unusual way. Congrats of doing two stories for the prompt – having failed to read any of the other entries over christmas, I thought I’d spend the extra time reading not writing, but I agree that looking at a prompt in multiple ways is a great and interesting exercise

  10. wildbilbo says:

    Nice story, elegant linking of the characters personalities to the types of flowers – after apocalypse events, its the toughest, the most adaptable that survive – the weeds, if you will.

    FYI – the Dissonance is an EXCELLENT name for an Apoc event.

    • storydivamg says:

      Thanks so much, KT. I have considered collecting my post apocalyptic stories into a loosely connected series. The characters and their plight are beginning to intrigue me more and more. Perhaps this is a good pursuit for the new year.

      All my best,

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