Flashes of Awareness

A New Program That Combines Flash Fiction with Raising Awareness for Good Causes

After coming face-to-face with the fact that I don’t have a great gift for photography or a great library of fantastic photos to post on my blog, I happened upon an amazing photograph that my new friend Todd Foltz took of a cat recently rescued by the Kansas City Kitty Cat Connection. The photo was perfect for illustrating a story I had just written about a vampire-fighting rescue cat, so I contacted Todd. My proposal was that in exchange for permission to use Todd’s photo on my blog, I would conclude my blog post with information about the real cat in the photo, details about his charity and a link to their website.


Photo courtesy of Todd Foltz, copyright 2014

This photo of Dillar, a cat rescued by the Kitty Cat Connection, started it all. Photo courtesy of Todd Foltz, copyright 2014

Todd not only loved the idea but also happened to like my stories. He conveniently happens to be involved in several other non-profit organizations locally and around the country. Suddenly, a grand idea was born. Why shouldn’t I use my blog as a way to raise awareness for a variety of good causes? Like most grand ideas, this one was born of enlightened self-interest. I do want to help others, but I also want to attract more readers to my blog. If attracting more readers to my blog helps to raise interest for charity, everybody wins.


I am calling this new project Flashes of Awareness. In time, I plan to get on a regular schedule for posting flash fiction that ties into the work being done by a not-for-profit organization. At the moment, I am creating a database of causes from which I can choose and which I hope will inspire the stories I have yet to write. The process of selecting a charity to feature will involve some research to make sure the good intentions of the organization are being realized by their efforts, and I’ll have to make sure that each story I write pleases the folks for whom I am raising awareness.


The charities can be from anywhere in the world. I’m beginning here in my hometown of Kansas City because doing good should always start at home, but I’m looking for good causes all over the world that I can support with my blog. Have a suggestion? Leave a comment here or shoot me an email at mariegail.stratford@gmail.com. Let’s get the ball rolling as we change the world together one flash of awareness at a time.

Comments, compliments and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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