Food on a Stick

This is my response to the Friday Fictioneers prompt for October 3. The challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo prompt. Play along by writing your own, reading others and/or commenting on the flashes we fictioneers create. My story this week weighs in at 104 words (I’m still making up for all the words I missed during my absence last month.)

Copyright Kent Bonham

Copyright Kent Bonham

Food on a Stick

“It’s Terah’s birthday! Wake up! I have a special treat.”

My three offspring scramble to get up. When they are dressed, I pull out a plastic package. Their eyes grow large. My grandparents were the last generation to purchase machine-manufactured products.

“What are they?”

“Bamboo skewers. We’re going to celebrate with food on a stick. In the old days, people held special events called ‘carnivals,’ and everyone walked around eating food on a stick.”

I help the children attach portions of mushroom and fish onto their skewers. As we roast our breakfast, I longingly recall the cakes Grandma used to make for birthday celebrations.