Pages from a Writer’s Notebook


Soon, I’ll be posting a blog entry on my writing process. It should have been up today, but I’m struggling with some final details. Have patience, and it will come.

Today, I’m working on prompts, specifically character prompts. Back in high school and college, my writing instructors recommended that I never leave home without a notebook. In it, they encouraged me to put notes about the interesting people and things I saw. My memory is such that I generally just filed the things I observed into my cranial files. Now that I’m pulling those files out more often, I thought I’d like to create a database of sorts in which to organize them. Then I thought that maybe other writers might like to see some of the characters I’ve encountered.

Over on Bubblews, I’ve started a series that plays on the pun of 400 characters (the site’s required length for any post). This will be a series of 80 posts, each of which includes descriptions of five different people that I’ve encountered. Feel free to pop by, read, and even use a few of the characters as prompts for your own creative works.

Here are links to the first two sets of five: