Rapunzel’s Natural Hair Supply

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers for April 3 (We start on Wednesday each week, but there is still plenty of time for you to play along.). Our hostess, Rochelle, corals around 100 writers from around the globe as we respond to the weekly photo prompt with 100-word stories.

This week’s photo is provided by Lauren Moscato.

My story this week weighs in at 94 words.

2015 04 03 Lauren Moscato

Copyright Lauren Moscato

Rapunzel’s Natural Hair Supply

“There it is.” Madison’s mom pointed at the sign on an aging two-story building and pulled into the drive. “Go in and ring the bell, Madison.”

Madison did as she was told. An ancient woman hobbled into the room. She came around the desk and ran arthritic fingers through the girl’s curls. “This will do just fine.”

Frightened, Madison turned to leave. Through the window she saw her mom’s pickup pulling away.

“You’ll be staying with me, dearie.” The old woman took the girl by the hand and led her to an upstairs bedroom.