Once Again Upon a Time

This is my response to the Friday Fictioneers prompt for February 27. The challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo prompt. Play along by writing your own, reading others and/or commenting on the flashes we fictioneers create. The photo prompt this week comes from Dawn Landau, an excellent writer of fiction, non-fiction and some personal memoirs that you all should read (after you read my story, of course). My story this week weighs in at exactly 100 words.

2015 02 27 Dawn Landau

Copyright Dawn Landau

Once Again Upon a Time

Ruby followed the railroad tracks and tried to quiet her pounding heart as she walked. Maybe the wolf wouldn’t recognize her.

After her last encounter with the ruthless attacker, Ruby had stopped wearing red. Instead she wore blue—the color of the sky, the color of the water in the lake near her home, the color of calm.

Behind her, Ruby could hear padded footsteps. Feeling anything but calm, she began to run. Just before she reached the door of Grandmother’s house, the wolf attacked.

Ruby woke up screaming. Mother held her close. “Hush now. The nightmares won’t last forever.”

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